Distr@l programme

by the State of Hessen

Mytigate GmbH was granted a Distr@l Growth Funding by the State of Hessen / Distr@l programme

Mytigate is receiving a non-repayable subsidy as project funding from the Distr@l funding programme of the Hessian State Chancellery in the area of the Minister for Digital Strategy and Development.

The project is supported by funds from the State of Hessen according to the Chap. 02 06 Funding Product 07 “Digital Innovation and Technology Promotion, Funding line 4: Start-up funding, module B Growth of digital start-ups.

The grant will be used in the period from 01.05.2021 to 30.04.2023 for the further development of a Software-as-a-Service for the Risk Management of the Pharma Supply Chain.

The project will be carried out at Mytigate’s office at the House of Logistics and Mobility, Bessie-Coleman-Str. 7, 60549 Frankfurt am Main.

Scope of the support
The project aims to map and evaluate significant transport risks through further development and integration of quality data and external risks, e.g., via statistical analysis and forecast of the temperature on a route. Furthermore, possible protection options are to be recorded in a database and used for risk reduction.

Objective and expected results
Mytigate utilizes these funds to further develop the possibilities of our Pharma Lane Risk Assessment tool, Quality data from the partners on e.g., temperature deviations, delays, damage are to be integrated into the risk model using big data analytics and reveal hidden patterns and correlations with the help of data mining and generate forecasts for the future with the help of predictive analytics. Furthermore, mitigation options (e.g., refrigerated containers, cool boxes, cool blankets) are to be recorded in a database and used for risk mitigation in the risk model.

For further information about the Distr@l funding program, please visit the website on Promoting start-ups in a digital context | Hessian Minister of Digital Strategy and Development (hessen.de) (in German).

Distr@l programme