MYTIGATE wants to enable pharmaceutical producers, wholesaler and forwarder to gain transparency over the supply chain and be able to evaluate the capabilities of their supply chain partners.

MYTIGATE strives to be the digital hub for all data regarding pharma supply chain risks and performance.

MYTIGATE offers a worldwide marketing platform for all pharma supply chain partners (e.g. transport companies, handling agents, terminal operators).

MYTIGATE’s vision is to become the standard for the pharma industry and possibly for the forwarder industry as well.

Our Mission

MYTIGATE is the IT SaaS platform for digitalizing risk management for the pharmaceutical supply chain: Since the introduction of the EU GDP Guidelines in 2013, pharma companies are required to conduct a risk-based selection process for their transport partners. Until now, however, they have not been able to meet these requirements. MYTIGATE -being an innovative, web-based service- offers a new solution that will help pharma companies to be compliant and select lanes using those supply chain partners that offer the lowest risk.

Risks are continuously calculated, starting from the design phase of the lane through to the operating phase. The calculation of these risks is based on a scientific mathematical risk modeling that uses information from both supply chain partners (certificates, self-assessment of capabilities, validation information) and pharma companies (operational deviations, root cause data, temperature logger data). Our pharma industry partners expect annual cost savings of more than 200,000 €/year due to fewer scrapping cases, reduced insurance premiums, lower packaging costs and better root cause analyses.

In summary, MYTIGATE aims to be a must have state-of-the-art risk management standard within the pharma industry as well as the driver for innovation for the transport and supply chain industries as well.