benchmarking study on pharma transport compliance and quality

Do you know how well you are performing on pharma transport compliance and quality?

Mytigate has developed a benchmark analysis in cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

  • To help pharma companies to evaluate their transport processes
  • To understand opportunities of proliferating cost-saving through risk mitigation
  • To realise the possibilities of continuous performance improvements

Our study results will allow you to benchmark your company’s logistics compliance and performance against your market peer group. Using the results of this study, we want to help you lift your pharma transport risk and compliance management to a new level.

Mytigate is the state-of-the-art, fully digital & validated platform that helps pharmaceutical manufacturers and forwarders comply with international Good Distribution Practices.

PwC is the leading auditing and consulting company in Germany. PwC’s pharmaceuticals and life sciences division supports pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device clients to develop future-focused risk-based business strategies and implement compliance programs & procedures essential to success within worldwide regulatory frameworks.

Participation in this benchmarking study on pharma transport compliance and quality is anonyms and completely free of charge. Please find the link to the study here: